la mama of mama of intention

Hola ! I’m Amanda Tello, la mama behind the blog. I am a 20 something year old brown, indigenous mama who has been on a journey of intentional – minimal, zero waste living for some time now. πŸ—£ I live intentionally in order to be free and liberated.

I am also an activist. And this part of my life is deeply rooted in my soul. Even though my role as an activist looks different as the seasons of my life change, I am, and always will be an activist πŸ‘πŸΌ.

I am also a mama. To these lovely children. Who have taught me what true and endless love is. Who have deepened my knowledge that blood does not create family, and have saved me in times when I’ve needed to be saved. Mama ain’t always perfect but they call me out on my shiiiii and forgive me afterwards.

Here is the man holding it down behind this mujer. He’s a great cook – thank the lord because I’m an impatient lazy cook! He’s a hard worker – which is also helpful since I’m currently trying to figure out how to get paid by doing … nada πŸ€”. He’s also the green thumb in the family who keeps our avocado trees alive, and most recently my tomato plant. Good job hubby.

Thank you for stopping by and being in community with us. There is nothing better than building intentional community and if there’s nothing else we gain from this experience I hope it’s to broaden ours to include y’all.

See you on the next post!



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